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Killing other Players is not allowed in the Fleet RPG

Combat (Hit Points): 

  • Vistors: 2 Hits (Please  Refrain from killing vistors without  provocation as they may soon become Players). 


  • Wanderers: 4 Hits (Wanderers are those  who are recognised as such by the majority of  patrons).  To gain Wanderer status, your  character has to be posted in the Game Forum 


  • Warriors/Socials: 4 Hits (Member of a Clan that holds NO rank in the race). 


  • Elite: 6 Hits ( Ranked member of a Clan). 


  • Commander: 8 Hits (High ranked member of a Clan). 


  • Leader: 14 Hits.(Council member) 


  • Starfleet Command: 20 Hits. (Fleet RPG high ranking officers: captains , commanders, Lieutenant Commanders)



      Advancing in Stature: 


  • Vistors are people new to  the game.  They are unknown to the majority  of players and have no political power. 


  • Wanderers are those that come on a regular basis, your character Bio must be posted in the Game Forum


  • A Warrior/Social is anyone who has been  accepted into one of the Clans, but holds NO rank within that Clan.  


  • A Elite is he or  she who holds a rank (Warrior,Night, Deamon,, etc) Within one of the Clans on StarSonG.


  • A Commander is he or  she who holds a high rank (general,Highpriest, sorcerer, spiritual leader etc) Within one of the Clans on StarSonG. 


  • A member of Council serves as the Leader of one of the recognized Clans. 


  • :Starfleet Command:High ranking Officers of the Fleet RPG, in charge of the RPG.




      After you have successfully gotten your opponent down to their final hit point, there must be a fatal blow (Example :  /me Cuts off Null's head followed by /me sees  him die) and then a request for a  confirmation on the kill. For the kills to be  legal they must be witnessed and confirmed by  one Clan Leader and at least two Clan members. 

                  Player 1: /me Cuts off Player2's  head 
                  Player 1: /me sees him die 
                  Player 1: Confirm? 
                  Clan Leader: Confirmed 
                  Clan member: Confirmed 
                  Clan member: Confirmed 



    Dismemberment in a Fight:

          At no point during a fight can you dismember your opponent, unless you have obtained the required hits and are performing the death blow.  Any blows that dismember before the time of  the death blow, are to be considered void by the Judge.

    When to perform a Death Blow:

          When fighting, you can perform the death blow on your oponent when you have gotten them down to their final hit.  If you manage to perform the death blow properly, and accoring to the rules, the death is legal.  The following is an example of when you can effectively perform your dea th blow (NOTE: This example is based on a 4-4 contest):

                Player 1: /me kicks null's chest
                Player 1: /me sees him gasp
                Player 1: /me sweeps null's feet
                Player 1: /me sees him fall
                Player 1: /me uppercuts null's head
                Player 1: /me sees him fly
                Player 1: /me rips off null's head
                Player 1: /me sees him die

    Distance in a Fight:

          When there is distance between fighters in a fight ( meaning the fighters are not near each other), close contact fighting does not count, and is to be considered void by the Judge.  Only attacks that work from long range (such as weapons) will be counted.




    Any Midevil weapons!


      Attacking and Defending: 

            Attacks are made as follows:  The name  of the person must be included, also the type  of attack (Punches, slashes, sweeps, etc) and  the body part being attacked must all be  included in the action line.  The reaction  line must include the result of the attack  (Example:  If you swept someone you would  see them fall or see them hit their ass).   The reaction line must be one after the  other. 

                  Player 1: /me sweeps Player2's  feet 
                  Player 1: /me sees him fall 

            The weapon used by a combant must be  drawn first before it can be used in combat.   Example: /me draws his sword.  Then the  attack can be made with that weapon.  All  attacks must contain three words or more.   Example:  /me slashes null's stomach (Note:  /me DOES count as a word).  Any action  line used more than once in a row will not be  counted. 

            At this point null may avoid being hit  by reacting to the attack with a counter  before the reaction line is included.  Example:  /me dodges left or /me jumps back.   (Note: the dodge must make sense.  Meaning if  someone sweeps you and you duck down to avoid  it, then the sweep will still hit you).  The  evading lines must vary at all time.  Any  evading line used more than one time in a row  will not be counted.  They must also contain  two words or more (NOTE: /me DOES count  as a word). 

                  Player 1: /me sweeps Player2's  feet 
                  Player 2: /me Dodges right 
                  Player 1: /me sees him fall 

            If null does not evade successfully he  is hit, shown in the reaction line /me  Sees him fall (Note: Reaction lines must  vary at all times.  Use of the same reaction  line twice or more in a row will NOT be  counted). 

                  Player 1: /me Sweeps Player2's  feet 
                  Player 1: /me Sees him fall 
                  Player 2: /me dodges left 

            If both combatants attack at the same  time, both take the hit.  However if Player 1  sweeps null's feet and at the same time null  punches Player 1's head, If Player 1 sees his  reaction line (Example: /me sees him fall) in  before null's reaction line, Null's punch to  Player 1's head does not count.  Null is on  the ground, he cannot punch Player 1 in the  head if hes on the ground.  It has to make  sense.  If the person performing an action  chooses to dodge in between his/her ation and  reaction lines, the attack line is not  counted.  Attack and Reaction line MUST come  one after the other.  It is your decision  wether you dodge the attack or simply counter  with one of your own. 

            This system allows all to fight on even  terms and simply involves typing skills and  common sense to win. 



      Cheating In Fights: 

            Anything with the capabilities of an  IRC, such as copy and paste and IRC's  themselves, cannot be used during fights.   Fights involve common sense and typing  skills.  If a combant is discovered using an  IRC after the fight has started, the  guilty nic is confirmed dead. 



      Accepting a Fight: 

            We play a game where personal  differences between characters often are  settled in combat.  In many cases a character  may challenge another character to a duel.   The character being challenged has the choice  to accept the challenge or decline the  challenge.  There are 2 types of fights you  can accept or decline to.    (1)  is a duel.  Should two characters have a  problem with each other, but do not wish to  kill each other, the fighters would accept to  this form of fighting.  To obtain victory,  you must simply obtain the required hit  points of his/her opponent.  No death blow is  performed to obtain victory, therefore both  combants leave with their lives.  (2) is a death match.  If both  combants agree to a death match, then both  players are agreeing to put the life of their  character on the line.  To obtain victory a  combant must reach the required hit points,  then kill their opponent by means of a death  blow. 

            Fighting is NOT for everyone.  Should  you as a player not wish to put your  character's life on the line, or should you  believe you do not hold the skills needed to  beat an opponent, then do not accept the  challenge.  Both combants must agree to the  type of battle or the battle cannot take  place. 


    Fighting Rooms: 

          If the main room is busy,you need to move your fight to a different room, or schedule an appointment.



    Clan Wars:

          There are situations in our game, that will somtimes lead to War between 2 or more Clans.  To keep wars as organized and fair as possible, a System of War was establish ed.  When Clans go to war, they should follow the System o f War.  The following explains how Wars between Clans are fought:

  • The Leaders of the Races are, at no time, obligated to fight in defense of their Clan.  They can fight if they c hoose to, however.
  • The Clans at War choose their Five Top Fighters to def end their Clan(Those choosen are totally left up to the decree of the Race).
  • The 5 Choosen Combatants are put up Head to Head (Fighte r 1 of Race A against Fighter 1 of Race B, etc) and Fight (The Clans have the choice of deciding whether the Fight is a Duel or Death Match).
  • After all 5 Fighters have competed against each other, the Clan obtaining the Most victories of the 5 Fights is declared the Winner of the War.

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