Sean Archer



Name: Sean Archer

Race: Human

Physical Decription: TEXT

Age: 25 in Human years

Sex: Male

Personality: TEXT

Special Ability: TEXT

History: Born in Seoul, Capital of the former Korea, Sean Archer was trained since early childhood in TaeKwonDo and later Jet-Kun-Do. After he took his final examen at the Martial Arts and Astrophysics University of Seoul he left for the Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. Once accepted he choose the command training. As he finished StarfleetAcademy he served as Ensign at the helm on the USS Grissom in the Dominion War. The destruction by Jem`Hadar forces forced him to reasign on the USS Ti Ts`ang, this time as First Officier. During the last attack on Cardassia the ship sufferd heavy loses, beneath the causalties was the Captain of the USSTi Ts`ang. He managed to get the ship out of the last attack on Cardassia in one piece and did some havoc to the Cardassia/Jem`Hadar defense forces, too. Through his actions in this extreme situation Starfleet Command decided to give him the Captains Chair, because of his skills and the heavy loses Federation has suffered during the whole war, that has left federation with few able persons among the ranks.

Education: Starfleet Academy

Special Weapon: TEXT

Goals: TEXT


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