Name: Vuljin

Race: Raptorian

Physical Decription: veliociraptor head, 5 finger claws, greenish brown scales, humanoid shaped body, veliociraptor feet, raptor eyes, long dino tail, with razor sharp teeth.

Age: 20 in Human years

Sex: male

Personality: angered easily and is hard to calm down but is noble and loyal loves to fight and is adventurous

Special Anility: Katana

History: He lived on the planet cretacia where he was known to be a killer, when wars came by he became a hero and was admired by all, his father was killed by the borg and ever since he has hated and wanted revenge on the borg

Education: he has been taught to do one thing while on the federation, he was taught to fly small fighters, but while he grew up he learned multiple languages along with the ability to kill a man without feeling any pain for the man (this is a basic thing on cretacia) and basic flight and tactical skills

Special Weapon: Raptor Claw

Goals: to take revenge for his dead father and to become a starfleet captain.


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