Name: T'Rowan

Race: Human

Physical Decription: 6 feet tall, 200 pounds, muscular, short brown hair, brown eyes.

Age: 33 in human years

Sex: male

Personality: strong hearted, looses temper quickly, but keeps a cool head, never backs down to a challenge, always fair, adventurous (no risk is to great if the prize is right), known to fight with honor, protectfull, witty and smart.

Special Ability:Telepathic

History: born as marcus lar and raised on Cardassia prime, he was moved from one prison camp to an other, he grew up hating the Cardassians.
At the age of 16 he escaped and joined the maquis. There he became quickly one of their most fearsome captains and leaders.
Marcus Lar became a name Cardasians would whisper to their children to frighten them, his resistance group was feared by all and loved by all Cardassian prisoners, attacking the Cardassians with no mercy, and freeing countless prisoners, the numbers of his loyal followers was growing.
After the defeat of the maquis by the Cardassians, he joined the guilde of weapon smugglers and supplied resistance movements with illegal weaponary, sold to him mainly by klingon traders.
The klingons, impressed by his strenght and honor gave him the name T'Rowan.
Years later, Starfleet Command asked him to take command of the sol-earth fleet.

Education: during the years in cardassian prison camps, he learned common tounges of many races, including cardassian, klingon, bejoran, human etc.
he was taught by the maquis in strategy, weapons, resistant warfare, ship technology, combat, diplomacy and survival.
during the years as a weapons smuggler he learnd about many races and space exploration.

Special Weapon: Katana

Goals: to find the ultimate adventure, and Die with Honor


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