Name: Tha'Val

Race: Klingon

Physical Decription: 7.4 feet tall,280 pounds of musles, scar on left side of face, long black typical klingon hairstyle, darkbrown eyes.

Age: 38 in human years

Sex: male

Personality: strong, rough, commanding, never expects less then 100% from his crew, wild, loves young bloodwine, always up for a challenge, loyal and not forgiving.

Special Ability: Increased Stenght during Combat

History: During the troubled years of the klingon empire, houses with a bloodline close to Kahless were driven of Klingar, the klingon homeplanet.
One of those families were the Vlat'Kahdra, seperated on the escape, they were spread out through out the badlands.
Tha'Val and his daughter Tha'Ash fled in a small shuttle and were captured by br'een weapon smugglers. They were held as slaves and during the years Tha'Val learned to survive and fight for his life.
During an attack by raiders he and his daughter managed to escape and spend their time in search of relatives in the badlands, after a Cardassian attack, they were captured again and placed in a Cardassian prison camp. The camp was overun shortly after by a maquis resistance group lead by Marcus Lar (known later on as T'Rowan).
Free again he desided to stay with the Maquis. After the fall of the maquis he stayed loyal to Marcus Lar and became part of his crew.

Education: klingon combat, starship navigation, tacktical trainig, survivng the badlands, general warfare, songs of Kahless.

Special Weapon: Bat'leth

Goals: to bring back honor to he name Vlat'Kahdra, and have many songs named after Tha'Val the warrior and protect and serve Cpt.T'Rowan


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