Name: Jhe'Sica

Race: Klingon

Physical Decription: 4 feet tall, skiny but strong, long lightbrown hair made up in klingonstyle, brown eyes.

Age: 10 in human years

Sex: female

Personality: smart, quiet, good at heart but not afraid to raise a Blade to protect her or her Families Honor.

Special Ability: above average intelligence

History: Of the house Vlat'Kahdra, Jhe"sica daughter of Tha'Val, fled with her father in a small shuttle from the klingon homeplanet, they were captured by br'een weapons smuglers and held as slaves, during the years Jhe'Sica learned to survive and fight for her life.
During an attack by raiders she and her father managed to escape and spend their time in search of relatives in the badlands, after a cardassian attack they were captured again and placed in a cardassian prison camp, that was overun shortly after by a maquis ressistance group lead by Marcus Lar (known later on as T'Rowan).
Free again she decided to stay with the Maquis, and after the fall of the maquis stayed loyal to Marcus Lar and became part of his crew.

Education: Literature, Math, Science, survival, songs of Kahless.

Special Weapon: Bach Hich Asault Disruptor

Goals: to bring back honor to he name Vlat'Kahdra, and solve the misterys of the universe


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