Jack Striker



Name: Jack Striker

Race: Human

Physical Decription: 5'8, 195 LBS, Blue eyes, Short Black Hair

Age: 32 in Human years

Sex: Male

Personality: Strongwilled, Very Goal Oriented, Strongpigheaded, Smart, Loyal, Couragous, Sometines To Daring For His Own Good, To Indepentend.

Special Ability:

History: Born on Earth In 2347 . He was a headcase from day one . But he studied hard and eventualy was acceppted into Starfleet Academy . He was an exellent student in the basics of Starship tactics and weapons.Later became a good student in Command Protocols. After graduation his first assignment will be on the USS Stealth, under the command of Captain T'Rowan.

Education: Starfleet Academy

Special Weapon: Phasers

Goals: To eventually become Captain of his own starship someday and Admiral in the future.


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