Name: Anni Skywalker

Race: Betazoid

Physical Decription: A man of 6 feet, 2 inches with brown hair and brown eyes of 250 pounds.

Age: 25 in Human years

Sex: Male

Personality: Known to be the "Shoot now, ask questions later type" but will calm down when he sences everything is ok in the present situation. Intrests include playing Earth Billards, Earth Chess, and playing poker with the crew after he's off duty.

Special Ability: Telephatic

History: Born on the planet Earth, Anni was the type that could sence wen anything was wrong and could fix the situation if necessary.
Seeing tha he had the aspirations tbe in Starfleet, his parents sent him to join Starfleet.
Being first in his graduating class, Anni SKywalker set his sights very young on doing what no other Betazoid has done in the Federation and become a Captain.

Education: Starfleet Academy

Special Weapon: Lightsaber



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