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The Council was established to bring stability between the Races. While The Council is the governing body of DS 2001, the final decision is ultimately left up to the players.
Our goal is to make DS 2001 into the game it was meant to be: A fun game where people can escape their real lives in the artistic beauty of role play.

Every Race on DS 2001 gets one (1) Ambassador. The purpose of the Ambassador is to Voice the Opinions of Those they Represent - In doing this, We become Familiar with the Ideals of our Different Groups, and Can Work towards a Solution to Problems, that all can be Equally Satisfied With.

As an Ambassador you can request meetings of the Council (only one (1) meeting a Week) and bring forward a topic to be dicussed and voted, by the people.
Your responsibility as an Represenative is to forward the topic/topics to your people and have your Race vote on them.
On the next Council meeting the results will be collected and enforced.

All Decissions will be posted at the Forum.

Any Ambassador abusing his status will be banned from the RPG.

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