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After the defeat of the Dominion at Cardassia Prime, Starfleet wanted to ensure that the Dominion will not strenghten their forces and attack the Federation again.

After the fall of the Dominions Defense Grid, Starfleetrecoverd and A Fleet of technological advanced Ships were built out of Ships damaged at Cardassia Prime.

One year after the Dominions fall, the Wormhole at D S 9 was reopend and a the Gamma-Fleet made their way through, to proceed on the first exploration of the Gamma-Quadrant.

The primary mission of the Gamma-Fleet was Deep Space Intelligence, survey a Map for the Gamma-Quadrant and report all Dominion outpost location and Fleet movement to Starfleet

But soon after their arrival in the Gamma-Quadrant , the Fleet found themself faced with an even bigger Tread, The Borg.
The Borg's Quest: To assymulate the entire Galaxy

A brutal battle started, due to the emensity of the weapons fire, a Rupture opened in the Space-Time Continuem and the Fleet found themselves Lightyears apart.

With most ships heavily damaged, their Long Range Comunications sytems down and stuck in an unmarked sector of the Gamma-Quadrant the mission was doomed for failure.

After loss of all Comunication, a joint effort between Starfleet and The United Federation of Planets begun, the Sol-Earth-Defense Fleet.
Ships of all Nations were united in a defense grid around D.S.9

Part of the Sol-Earth-Defense was a resque fleet, lead by the Flagship U.S.S. Stealth. Their mission was to search for the lost Gamma-Fleet, and report any Borg activity back to central comand.

Our Mission: Prevent Borg infiltration of the Alpha Quadrant.
This is the last thing you want to see on your viewscreen!

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