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This page will give you Info on how to Simm and on the different Ranks and their Dutys.
It is Designed more for the Fleet RPG...but can help you also in the Freeform RPG.

What is Simming?
Simulations (Sims or SIMs for short) begin in the imagination.
They are a type of Role Playing game but there are no winners and no losers.
The object is to have fun in an environment which you enjoy with people who have a similar interest.

After being accepted into the RPG, you will be able to choose a position aboard a Starship.
Positions include: Captain, First Officer, Counselor, Helm, Ops, Science, Medical, Tactical, Engineering, and Security. (The Captain and First Officer are reserved for host members of the RPG.)

Please note that the following positions are the description for the Chief of one's department.
Odds are your first assignment will be an assistant position.
Basically with assistant position there is no difference except that you report to your division head and not the Captain or Executive Officer.
Please also note these are guidelines only.
Actual positions on your ship/starbase may vary due to staffing.

CAPTAIN (RPG Hosts Only)
Responsibilities: The Captain is responsible for execution of Starfleet orders and policy, as well as for interpretation and compliance with Federation law and diplomatic directives.
The Captain is the Commander of the ship.

Sim: The Captain has a rough idea of what the outcome of a sim will be and will guide the other officers in the right direction. Because there are so many people to command in a sim, he/she will usually put people in groups to work toward a common goal.

Who to watch: James Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Kathryn Janeway

COMMANDER (XO, First Officer, #1, RPG Hosts only)
Responsibilities: The XO is second in command and is responsible for execution of Starfleet orders and policy.
He/she is the commander of the crew and makes command decisions according to Starfleet procedure.
In the absence of the Captain, the XO is in command of the sim.

Sim: The Commander also has a rough idea of what the outcome of a sim will be and will guide the other officers in the right direction....building on their ideas and suggestions.
When on the bridge the XO will work with department heads and relay suggestions to the Captain.
The XO will lead 95% of away teams.

Who to watch: Thomas Riker, Major Kira, Chakotay

Responsibilities: Sort of a utility man....does a little of everything --> runs sensor scans, can handle communications, monitors shipwide status and functions.
Also can pilot the ship, arrange power distribution to major systems during emergency situations.
Should monitor all happenings in a sim, b/c this is one of the key positions that the CO's will depend on.

Sim: Ops should coordinate with Helm, Engineering and Tactical and report any suggestions to the XO or the Captain.
This position can be challenging during battle situations.

Who to watch: Data, Harry Kim, Jadzia Dax, Major Kira, Sulu

Responsibilities: Steers the ship. Can also handle sensors and monitor shipwide status.

Sim: This position can be slow at times, so it is ok to work with Ops and Tactical in some situations.
During times of high risk maneuvers it's a key position of the ship.

Who to watch: Tom Paris, Chekov

Responsibilities: In charge of shipwide defense. Phasers, Photon Torpedoes, shields.
Also tractor beams, Damage Reports, and Communications (Tactical can share these duties with the Ops Manager).

Sim: This is one of the more exciting positions on the ship because Tactical is involved with the action packed Starship battles.
The Tactical Officers should be suspicious about every unknown vessel we come in contact with.

Who to watch: Worf, Tuvok

Responsibilities: All internal security on board.
Responsible for handling intruders, supervising security on away teams, etc.

Sim: The Security Officers should work on all aspects of security on the ship including registering weapons, upkeep of the brig, providing security for guests, etc.

Who to watch: Worf, Tasha Yar, Tuvok, Odo

Responsibilities: The Engineers are the mechanics of the ship, they are responsible for all power generation, computer systems and propulsion systems.

Sim: The engineers are the miracle workers of the ship, when the Captain asks for the impossible he looks to his engineers.
They usually work in engineering but can work on the bridge at a computer console if necessary.

Who to watch: Scotty, Geordi la Forge, B'Ellana Torres

Responsibilities: Responsible for wellness of the crew and treating the injured.

Sim: This is one of the hardest positions to play but it can also be the most recognized.
The medical team should make sure that the crew is in good health by performing routine physicals.
Medical personel are almost always in sick bay but will frequently go on away team missions, especially when casualties are reported.

Who to watch: 'Bones' McCoy, Beverly Crusher, Julian Bashir, The Doctor (EMHP)

Responsibilities: Duties that fall under the sciences...using sensor readings, tricorders, and other data, they analyze anything the ship may encounter while traveling thru space...

Sim: This position is the most creative, especially when encountering unknown substances and species.
Science can also get a little slow in some situations so the Science Officers should coordinate their work with Ops and Engineering.

Who to watch: Jadzia Dax, Data

Responsibilities: Responsible for the well being of the crew members.
While the Medical Officer is responsible for the physical aspect of the crew; the counselor is responsible for the mental health of the crew.

Sim: They usually have some sort of empathic or telepathic abilities.
This position can be very dramatic and interesting.
The Counselor will be the most busy when communicating with other species working with the Captain and advising him on what he/she senses.

Who to watch: Deanna Troi

After you Join After receiving your post, the Captain of the ship will send you a letter of welcome and let you know what time the simulation takes place.
At the appointed time, report to the assigned room and prepare for adventure.

During the Sim, you should act as if you were an officer serving in the position designated to you aboard a Star Trek Starship.
The Captain will give you orders and describe the general events that are taking place.
It is your job to come up with solutions for the problems that your ship is currently facing.
During the sim, be sure and take the initiative. Don't just wait for the Captain to give you orders. Try and come up with things that follow the plot line set forth by the Captain.
But be careful.
It is easy to get carried away.
If you are the Chief Engineer, you should not invent a warp core breach every week for you to deal with.
The Captain will try and make sure that each sim involves as many areas as possible.
If your group is not directly affected, offer your expertise in another area of the ship.

If you perform VERY well, you can even get the ultimate reward: PROMOTION.
If you work hard, you will get a chance to move up the ranks until one day you might even earn the rank of CAPTAIN and get to command your OWN STARSHIP!

The Eclipse RPG Wants YOU!
We are currently accepting applications for members aboard 2 starships.
starships, starbases and outposts are in the drawing board.

Each member of the RPG is required to write a character biography.
A biography consists of all the relevant information about your character.
It should include the characters name and personal attributes like height, gender, race, etc.
Following that should be a your characters history.
Feel free to embellish a little.
Make your character interesting.

Include a short paragraph describing the character on a personal level.
Perhaps they tell about where the character grew up, or his general temperament, or his hobbies.
Paragraphs like this make your character more interesting and well rounded.
It helps both you and others to involve yourself in the Role Playing experience.

Be sure to check out the Bios in the Crew Rosters to see some good examples of how to write your biography.



Anyone entering the RPG starts off as an Ensign.

Lt. Junior Grade:
A minimum of 2 sims attended, and a complete character biography
LtJg's are usually an assistant officer or bridge crew.

A minimum of 4 additional sims, updated character biography
Lt's are in charge of a division, depending on the ship's roster.
They are also put in charge of away teams in many cases.

Lieutenant Commander
A minimum of 4 additional Sims, updated character biography,
LtCmdr's are often the acting First or Second Officer, division head, department head, and/or in charge of most of the away teams.

This rank does not depend on sim minimums.
There is not a time basis on when you will become a Commander.
Full leadership abilities are usually established, and this person will normally be a member of the RPG Hosting Staff once promoted.

This rank does not depend on sim minimums.
While at the Commander ranking this person much show extended leadership abilities, and the ability to handle extra responsibilites as well.
This rank is usually given to the Commanding Officer of a ship, station or starbase.

Fleet Captain:
This rank does not depend on sim minimums.
Fleet captains are not only in charge of their ships but also in charge of overseeing other ships in the RPG.
People of this rank must show excellent leadership abilities and the willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Guidelines of Conduct
Being a member of the RPG is a privileged honor.
With this honor comes some responsibilities.
The RPG does not force a certain style of simming on each person.
But we do have certain guidelines that each member must follow to assure that everyone has a good time and to protect members from unsolicited harassment.

During a sim you should not do anything that would seem inappropriate to your fellow crew mates.
This includes killing a crew member, any sexual acts or descriptions of mutiny etc.
If you feel like something you are about to do is inappropriate run it by your CO/XO before you do it.

Every member must treat other members with respect.
Each ship has a chain of command and it should be followed.
Your CO/XO is on top of this and should be given the necessary respect that he/she deserves.
Following the chain of command not only helps you find guidance in a sim; it helps everyone know what is going on so that no one gets lost in the shuffle of things.


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