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Class: Prototype

Technical specifications

 Length: 180,3m
 Width: 163,5m
 Height: 42,8m
 Decks: 4
 Crew: 38
 Max: 58
 Personnel transporters: 2

Weapon systems

 Primary weapons:

 4 wing mounted mak 10 Disruptorcannons

 6 Mark XVI Linked Pulse Phasers (4fore/2aft)

 Secondary weapons:

 2 Quantum torpedos  launcher(fore/aft)
 15 Attack Droids, small unmaned cruisers, equipt with  2 phasers lenght=4 meters


 Raider I & II, small attack fighter, capacity: 3 peoble,  equipt with 4 Phaser guns, lenght=18 meters

Defensive systems

 2 Shield Generators /1 Cloaking device
 1 Tractor Beam color: Blue

Energy and propulsion systems

 Primary energy source: MARA warpcore  (updated with Borg technology)
 Secondary energy source: Fusion reactors

Computer systems

 Crew interface: L.C.A.R.S


 Cruise speed: Warp 6
 Emergency Speed: Warp 9.75
 Destructive Speed: Warp 9.87


 Wide-angle active EM scanner
 Narrow-angle active EM scanner
 Lifeform analysis instrument cluster
 Gravimetric distortion scanner
 Passive neutrino imaging scanner
 Thermal imaging array
 Lateral planetary and astrological sensor


 DECK 001:
 observation lounge, primary computer core,  life support systems, Cloaking Device.

 DECK 002:
 Main bridge, ready room, Briefing Room,  Messhall, Crew quarters, transporter room,  Holodeck, subspace comms  relay, phaser bank systems, Sickbay,  CMO's office, main impulse engines,  deuterium fuel pumps, bar.

 DECK 003:
 Brig, forward quantum torpedo  launcher, deuterium storage Armory,  secondary computer core, Interrogation,  Launchdock Raider I & II, aft quantum torpedo launcher.

 DECK 004:
 Main engineering, Chief Engineer's office,  antimatter storage pods, antimatter injection  reactors,Emergency warp ejection system,  antimatter storage pods, tractor beam  emitters,forward Landing Gear, Cargo Bay,  Space Suit Locker, Boarding Ramp

The Stealth has three different configurations during a mission. It normal cruising mode is noted by the Wing tip matching the height of the primary hull of the ship. This is the sleekest configuration during warp flight and reduces warp stress on the primary shell.

The second configuration is the attack position where the wings level down allowing excellent Impulse flight and weapons manouvering.

The least common mode is the atmospheric landing position where the wings will raise above the primary hull of the ship to allow for excellent air flow.

The U.S.S. Stealth NCC-82898 was upgraded and comletly rewired with Federation "U.S.S. Defiant" technology. The battle capability of the ship is second to none.It is outfitted with six Mark XVI Pulse Phaser (four forward and two backward)
Four Mak 10 disruptor cannons mounted on each wing tip which can adjust to near any angle.
These are rapid fire cannons and have a very rapid recharge rate.
In addition she is also equipt with two Quantum torpedo launchers (1forward/1backward).

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