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Every new Crew member should attend one training lesson with their Captain to learn the basic ideas of the game.
The Training is held on Saturday At 8 PM Est.


Everyone starts as a Crew member and will be reviewed for Promotion by their Captain


This is a Star Trek R.P.G (Role playing Game), stay within the story of the R.P.G. If you just want to Chat go somewhere else.


Crew should to report for Duty 15 minutes bevore Game starts! (game starts at 8PM Eastern Time


Players should stay in Character while on Mission.
If you like you can post your personel data in the Game Forum


If you are late for a Mission just start playing and catch up as you go


You can only join one Ship, so make sure you choose the Ship that fit's your Character most.


Every Crew member is required to attend one Mission a Week. (check comunication for Mission dates/times)


All Ship Captains are required to promote their Ship and train new Crew members. All commanding Officers (Cmdrs, LtCmdrs) are required to know all lower rank crew members of their ship, and also to be part in mission creation and overall Game and Site development!


Once you become a Crew member, you need to change one of your Chat names. (Ex: Crw_John)
Also if you get promoted add your Rank. (Ex: Cmndr_John)


Any Ship looking to join the Eclipse R.P.G. Has to be Reviewed/Aproved by Captain T'Rowan and Captain Ryan (you need to know Html to add a Ship).


No excessive swearing is permitted.


Bevore engaging alien species in battle all atempts to make First Contact must be made!


No discrimination of any kind is allowed.

No sexually explicit or suggestive material is permitted in any way, shape or form.


DO NOT purposely use a higher rank, or imposter someone. This could cause confusion.


All chatters should address superior officers (higher rank than yourself) with the title "Sir" or "Ma'am".

You may think this is stupid but it is only a show of respect to those who have contributed to the integrity of this chatline.

If the officer informs you otherwise, you may refrain from treating that particular officer with such formalities. Remember however that if the officer has not told you otherwise it is your duty as a Starfleet Member to treat them with respect - they are the ones who send in the promotion recommendations at the end of the month.

Remember violators will be punished with the full extent of our powers...

 Chat Symbols
(Symbols you can use to make the Game more Intresting)

 @      used to indicate where you are.


  /me      used for actions, and descriptions.

 /me He fired his phaser

  *      used for orders.

 * Lt.Tha'Ash to the bridge

 ( )      used to make a comment.

  He was not in a good mood,
( I wouldn't be either if I were in the brig )

 =/\=      used to indicate the communication badge is being used.

  Sera: Taps comm badge =/\= daks, do you have the readings??
Kai: =/\= Yes, I have them as requested.

 { }      used to indicate telepathic readings.

  T'Rowan: No, { feels hostility } they can't be trusted.

 ~ ~      used to indicate thoughts.
  Tha'Val: Today is a good Day to Die?

Daks ~ Yeah right ~ Let's hope not.

 [ ]      used to indicate computer talk.

  Computer: [WARP-Core breach imminent]

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