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A Bird of Prey , under command of Cpt.T'Rowan.
The Stealth, build by the Maquis under Romulan supervision, was the first and last Prototype of an Maquis Attack Battleship.
In the Badlands the Maquis needed a medium class attack ship, with cloking device, superior Firepower, extrem maneuverbility, enough speed to outrun cardassian cruisers and the capabality to land in Atmosphere.
With the help of Romulan engineers, a smaller, revised version of the Klingon Vor'cha cruiser was created, sized to a Klingon Bird of Prey specifications.
The Stealth was the perfect Guerilla Warship, able to Attack while cloked and completly surprise the Cardassians with it's superrior Firepower.

The Stealth has seen many battles during her years in the maquis and later on was used to smuggle weapons to resistance movements.
At a time of need Cpt.T'Rowan and his Crew were asked to lead the Sol-Earth Fleet in search of the Gamma-Fleet and to scout out the Borg advance towards the Delta Quadrant.

The Stealth was refitted and rewired to Defiant specs, she is now one the most technologically advanced ships in Starfleet.

The U.S.S. Stealth NCC-82898 is the Flagship of the Sol-Earth Fleet. Acomondations are designed to be efficient and pratical, no space was wasted for convenience, this Bird of Prey is a fully equipt War Bird.
The Crew is made out of mostly out of Ex-Maquis, Resistance fighters and Outcasts of all kinds of races.
You can feel the Warrior Spirit on board while your standing on the Battle Bridge.

Captain T'Rowan (Ex Macuis/Weapon Smuggler, always in search of new Adventures) rules this Ship under strict Command.

Stand Tall if you want to
join this ship!

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